Why Y? Why? #atozchallenge

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Oops,  Here’s the post for Y. I had it in draft for a bit while looking for the video clip.

Why Y? Because it looks like the firewire symbol. Wanna see what the SFDaddy blog was going to be in the beginning?

This one’s cute, but was a test to see what we might have been doing a long time ago when everyone thought they should create a VLOG.

Oh, my.

This was recorded in 2004, so it’s too late to continue teaching my babies how to use a computer. Red2’s video debut.

[[Note to re-upload 10-year-old video correctly this time.]]

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  1. Oh I'm so glad you're aiming to finish the A-Z challenge! THe blogfest was definitely insane and though I posted daily, I missed out on 258 other blogs. So here I am dropping by to say hello! An early congrats on finishing your Z post soon!

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