A Sarlacc Pit opens in Guatemala: Giant Could Get Even Bigger

Guatemala City is growing it’s own Sarlacc Pit

It’s starting with the pit first, which doesn’t seem to be the best route for attracting such a creature to our planet. They aren’t exactly the first stop for most tourists.

Attempting to attract the sarlacci (or space traveling spores) by creating a large pit for them to roost in just seems a little self-destructive to us.

This hole, currently believed to be void of any sarlacci,  has already eaten a three-story building and fortunately, as far a we know, no people yet. Good thing, too. It would take an agonizing thousand years to be digested.

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Sarlacc photo from Wookipedia – http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Sarlacc

Photos below are from National Geographic. Please explore their amazing collection of this phenomena.

Sinkhole in Guatemala: Giant Could Get Even Bigger

Pictures: Giant Sinkhole Pierces Guatemala

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  1. Maybe a little on the callus side, but this and the other pits the keep popping up, or should i say, "dropping down," really seem alien. They are so bizarre looking, our first instinct is to dismiss the images as photoshopped.

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