We, are Julia and Bryan. Bryan’s the parental unit and Julia is the Great Great Granddaughter of Julia (Wolcott) Kiene, who wrote many cookbooks for Westinghouse in the 1950′s.

Julia recently discovered that when her grandfather was about her age, he helped his grandmother test the recipes for her cookbooks. One of these books in particular, “The Step-by-Step Cook Book for Girls and Boys”, excited us most. Julia immediately wanted to try some of the recipes and her mother said, “Well, if you’re going to do that, you might as well blog about it.”

You can still find Julia Kiene’s cook books in used books stores and online. We’ve made a list at Amazon.com to help you browse through them.

Bryan (aka SFDada) has recently brought over his old blog from Blogger to GroovyArtichokes. Together is better and simpler.

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