All Grown Up! {HD}

Visiting at Grandma’s the other day I caught a glimpse at “real TV” and thought that the little Rugrats had aged a bit. Since being in Tivo-land for almost 10 years, we’ve really been successful at making ourselves oblivious to these things. The babies of Rugrats grew up and had a whole other series for FIVE years while we’ve been time shifting other shows. It seemed to be just as funny and gross and the original, I really groaned and felt pained as they announced that they had painted the carpet. We miss some good shows I’m sure, but I hurts a little to see the girls sit and watch a stream of shows and commercials that endlessly flow out of the screen.

Tivo’s Kid’s Zone parental controls features work great. I choose the programs they subscribe to and pepper in some things I think they’ll tolerate. When their show is over if they want to watch a documentary about pharaohs, they can, but otherwise the TV gets turned off with few hassles.

I’ve heard that this creates quite an issue at school since they cannot keep up with conversations about Pokey Mans and Cyber Chasing. But most of the other 3rd graders aren’t reading 900 page books either.

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