Ranch Burgers Round 1

Hamburgers! Not just any hamburgers, but broiled ones. How do you make your favorite burgers? Do you mix in anything? We used to add Lipton’s Onion Soup mix for a tasty change.

This recipe calls for a bit of chopped onion and salt and pepper. Pretty simple, but easy for the kids to do. It wasn’t Julia’s first time chopping onions, so she knew a few tricks already. We chose to light a candle to prevent the tears.

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How to Tell How Much is Inside a Can

There are many sizes of canned food, but perhaps knowing the contents of a few will be helpful. You will always find the can size on the label.

One of the interesting tips in our book was this one on page 17. “How to tell how much is inside a can.”

Our discussion:

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Hot Dogs

Now you may think you know how to make a hot dog. And you are probably right. But have you ever had a fried hot dog?

Today’s recipe from The Step-by-Step Cook Book for Girls and Boys, by Julia Kiene, contains a recipe for making hot dogs on page 42. You do have to learn some how, and this cook book for kids shows us how to make a hot dog on the stove without a microwave. (They didn’t exist in the 1950’s when this cook book was written.)

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