Ranch Burgers Round 1

Hamburgers! Not just any hamburgers, but broiled ones. How do you make your favorite burgers? Do you mix in anything? We used to add Lipton’s Onion Soup mix for a tasty change.

This recipe calls for a bit of chopped onion and salt and pepper. Pretty simple, but easy for the kids to do. It wasn’t Julia’s first time chopping onions, so she knew a few tricks already. We chose to light a candle to prevent the tears.

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Hot Dogs

Now you may think you know how to make a hot dog. And you are probably right. But have you ever had a fried hot dog?

Today’s recipe from The Step-by-Step Cook Book for Girls and Boys, by Julia Kiene, contains a recipe for making hot dogs on page 42. You do have to learn some how, and this cook book for kids shows us how to make a hot dog on the stove without a microwave. (They didn’t exist in the 1950’s when this cook book was written.)

We substituted the lard for dairy-free margarine. Mom and sis had their ‘weiners’ without a bun. Slitting them across made it much easier to cut into bite-sized pieces.

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