What is a Tiny House?

What is a Tiny House? They are all the rage, everyone who spends time on the internet knows what they are.  But you want to know more than just, “it’s a house that’s tiny”.  I have been somewhat obsessed with tiny houses since I first found all these regular people showing their little wooden constructions to the world on youtube.   It is Just amazing. Continue reading “What is a Tiny House?”

Meatloaf Cupcakes


Pinterest is a two-faced site. On one hand it has thousands of millions of cute pictures of cats and funny things from movies.  but, then there are the projects, fine pieces of knitted lace, or a beautiful flower made of melted spoons.  After you get through the top layer of pretty pictures and try to go to the websites that these pictures supposedly come from.  You generally find that there are no instructions at all for whatever it is, which is just horrible and cruel.   But, if you find that perfect pin which looks amazing, and has instructions, you can try to make it.  Every time I have thought I had found just the right pin I would click-through to the website and alas and alack no instructions. Bahhh! I don’t need instructions I can do what I want to in the kitchen.

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Zu-Kiene Bread (Zucchini Bread)

Zu-Kiene Bread (Zucchini Bread)

Julia Kiene, LOVED mixes–instant this and instant that–and I love those things too. But, sometimes you Gluten-Free Dairy Free Taste-Fullwant to skip the mix, crack open a baking powder, get GF flour all over your kitchen, find your hand mixer from the 60s, and make something from scratch. The problem for me with that is Julia Kiene didn’t do a whole lot of scratch. All of her scratch at least in The Step-by-Step Cook Book for Boys and Girls is cookies and frosting– there are seven cookie recipes, and ten frosting recipes and the whole book is about as thick as your pinky finger.

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