CassaStar – art and coverage

CassaStar coming soon from Alex J. Cavenough

“…calls to mind the youthful focus of Robert Heinlein’s early military sf, as well as the excitement of space opera epitomized by the many Star Wars novels. Fast-paced military action and a youthful protagonist make this a good choice for both young adult and adult fans of space wars.”
– Library Journal

How nice is that?!

Alex is about to be published next month, and you can preorder,  but Amazon doesn’t even have his book cover on the listing yet.

How long will it take for one of the fans to add their own artwork?

Steve Jobs while presenting the iPad in San Fr...Image via Wikipedia

When will it be available on Kindle or the Apple iPad store. Barnes & Noble?

Will Steve have to buy his copy on paper? How SciFi is that?

To learn more about the book, go straight to the source.

I suppose my copy will have to be on paper! Yours, too?

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7 Replies to “CassaStar – art and coverage”

  1. Holy shit!
    Never fear, my publisher said the cover art should be up this week. It'll be available through all online and retail outlets and I think in all eBook forms – but don't quote me on that.
    Wow, what a surprise this morning. Thanks, Bryan!

  2. I'm looking forward to reading CassaStar. I'll order it as soon as its a vailable and do a review as well as host Alex sometime soon on my blog. I'm excited for the guy. He's worked hard and has quite a following already.

    Very cool … thanks for the reference to my blog. Every little bit helps. Itry to visit as many blogs as I can every day. But 50 – 100??? I don't think so. 30 a day is a good day for me.

    Stephen Tremp

  3. I would like to have it on my Kindle because I travel a lot and live with that thing, but I want a hard copy to display as well. I can't wait for 10/19!!

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