Flying Green

We can all say we’re going green, but there are a lot of folks that still need to catch up. We’re using cloth shopping bags, driving a hybrid and replacing light bulbs.

These girls are also getting more modern chores: Feed the worms (the kitchen scraps), and take out the Recycling. We recycle so much stuff it’s almost a shame that we have to pay extra in our county for trash collection at all. We only have 2 bags a week for a family of 4.

J the gardner arborist

A TV program in 10 minutes just made it “click” for a 3-year-old.

A plant gets water from the ground through its roots;

air from under its leaves;

and with sun from the tops of its leaves it turns it all into food!

After watering the flowers on the porch we pulled weeds and found some baby pine trees growing at the mailbox. Maybe we’ll watch them grow up into big trees. We’ll have to ask mommy if that would be okay. She doesn’t really love pine trees very much… but they do grow fast!