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Zu-Kiene Bread (Zucchini Bread)

Zu-Kiene Bread (Zucchini Bread)

Julia Kiene, LOVED mixes–instant this and instant that–and I love those things too. But, sometimes you Gluten-Free Dairy Free Taste-Fullwant to skip the mix, crack open a baking powder, get GF flour all over your kitchen, find your hand mixer from the 60s, and make something from scratch. The problem for me with that is Julia Kiene didn’t do a whole lot of scratch. All of her scratch at least in The Step-by-Step Cook Book for Boys and Girls is cookies and frosting– there are seven cookie recipes, and ten frosting recipes and the whole book is about as thick as your pinky finger.

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Fancy neon gluten-free raspberry cupcakes

I recently made cupcakes with Arabella, my little sister, using a yellow gluten-free cake mix from Betty Crocker. We added a pack of raspberry Jell-O which turned the cake batter a bright pink and made it taste really good. Don’t worry, Arabella was not IN the cupcakes. She just helped me make them.

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