Star Trek books – so current

Starting to enjoy the Star Trek series of books. We started out with a Voyager entry and now I’m in TOS (The Original Series) with Kirk and Bones. The Patrian Transgression (1994) by Simon Hawke. It’s off to great start.
Like the series, it appears to parallel our current issues we’ve been having around here for a while.

Mosaic (Star Trek, Voyager) was a great romp through Janeway’s life. Having seen the television series, this was a great introduction to the novels and her character. My daughter thinks it’s pretty cool that a scientist is a captain of a spaceship and laughed that she was forced to learn tennis. I even just found myself using some of Jerry Taylor’s insights If everything you do is easy, how would you ever learn or grow? when talking about planning after school activities.

These Star Trek books are readily available everywhere. We find them at the used book stores, and

108 Years of Science Fiction

Time’s Article from 1999, notes how issues like recycling are absent from Science Fiction.

Science fiction cordially ignores many vital technologies, such as, say, garbage recycling. Recycling is hugely important, but it has zero science-fictional thrill.

Perhaps we won’t be quite as wasteful in future, but if you take a look at Star Wars (Episode IV) They’ve got a trash compactor scene… and in Episode I, Watto appears to be reusing and reselling used engine parts and scraps in his store. The expanded universe also refers to people salvage combing space debris for profit. Don’t forget the Jawas, who ‘scavenge’ the desert and resell parts and even whole droids! offers up its own report.