Summer Writing Assignments

Red One and Red Two (yeah we call them that!) have a project underway for the summer. R2 graduated kindergarten and was a part of a writers group. I want her to write a story over the summer. I don’t want just any story though. I’m steering her to write a story for an episode of one of her favorite TV shows. Get this: Legend of the Seeker. All of the girls started watching this a few months ago. Thanks, Netflix!

It’s all about extremely powerful women. Not bad. I haven’t had the pleasure yet to catch up, but I have time. I also get lots of recaps from little ones about the magic that’s done. They love that one class of character can make you tell the truth.

So we’re talking about this episode and R2 who is 6 and 1/2, may end up writing about an adventure a 6 year old girl might have in that world. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.