D Day of the Dead in fabric

Day of the Dead (Dia de Los Muertos) – This is the link to the Atlanta Day of the Dead festivities. Open it up to hear some good mood musica for this post.

One of the things that Mrs. SF Daddy keeps occupied with is a home business selling fabric. She’s an artist, loves to sew, selects fabrics that appeal to her and hopefully appeals to her customers. So far, most of her customers agree with her stylistic sensibilities enough to keep us in business and pretty happy.

One of her favorite motifs is the Day of the Dead fabric. Love the happy skellytons. While she and the girls are off around the country at sewing and quilting shows, I get to cut it up for orders. The selections here are some of my current favorites. Here’s a link to our shop if anyone’s also interested in that. 🙂

Usually celebrated in early November, I’m thinking about the Day of the Dead this week as I remember my grandfather who left us this year. Here’s to you! Salude!

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3 Replies to “D Day of the Dead in fabric”

  1. I had no idea this kind of thing existed. I told my wife that is a quilter about it and of course she knows all about day of the dead fabric. I showed her your store!

  2. Love this fabric, too. The other hits are: Our Lady of Guadalupe, Dr. Suess, and almost anything from the company Alexander Henry. Your wife is in the know it seems. Perhaps she'll run into mine at a quilt show one day.

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