Environmental Eleanor

The Lion in Winter (1968 film)
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Loved the stark look of the film adaptation.

Little did I know that while watching Katherine Hepburn in “The Lion of Winter”, portray Eleanor of Aquitaine, I was seeing the story of my children’s greatest grandmother. If the family histories recorded at ancestry.com are to be believed, their family links all the way back to the Grandmother of England.

I suppose there are truly thousands of descendants by now, so we’ll work our way slowly back up the line with the magnifying glasses to inspect a little more closely at those little waving green leaves on the family tree at ancestry.com.

Looking back at my posts on the environment, you might get the impression that we’re some sort of urban hippy wannabe’s, well then I guess you’d be right. We do have worms in the backyard making good earth for the garden, or should I say Yarden? We planted edible shrubs in the front yard. We’re not going to be eating the azaleas, we planted blueberry bushes. We were pleased to find out our neighbors had some already and more neighbors are interested in growing tomatoes and fig trees.

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  1. I haven't tried the ancestry thing because I am convinced I spring from peasants in every direction but I don't want that confirmed. I think it would be so cool to find something like you did, even if there are some doubts. And I love that you are environmental… we try on the indoor stuff, but hubby won't put in the effort outdoors and I just don't have the time (between working full time, writing and parenting)

  2. My grandmother did the genealogy the hard way with letters and real visits to libraries. We started with her research and entered it into the computer a few years back. She's gone now, but my mother and I sprung for an account online to see what we could dig up and we've had a ball. NBC's show, Who do you Think You Are? is a great little show, even though it's a blatant advertisement, the stories these people find are incredible. Not everyone is royalty, most aren't, but even the nerf herders had families…

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