G Gingerly Germinating Ideas for Growth – The Seed Swap 2.0

Grow! Part of the effort to create a wildlife garden full of bird feeding, seeding producing, flower-popping, goodness, is to grow some seedlings from scratch. From seeds.

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Red3. Red4. Red5, Standing by.


Mrs. SF Daddy wrangled a large collection of seeds this year. Almost every year for a few years now, she’d started trays of seedlings, popped them into the ground and bam, we have tomatoes, daisies, bachelor buttons, echinacea, peppers, cucumbers, blah, blah, munch, munch, munch.
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This year, she decided to start, not just a seed swap, but a seedling swap. She conned–I mean–enlisted her friends to start their own trays of seeds. They’d return to their own homes with trays of seeds ready to sprout. In a few weeks, they all return to the scene of the crime and trade little baby plants. Then instead of 20 or 30 of the same plants, they all leave again with a wide variety.
The plan was fool proof. Almost. The first batch of seeds was shipped to the wrong address and the seed starting party had to be postponed. (And all the way to the next full moon, if you’re following along with the posts.) 
While the first batch sprouted, we had a few intrusions! Ants in the trays!
Now that things have calmed down and we’re in April, we have lots of little babies almost ready to share and pop into the ground around the tulips. Surprise! Red2 and I planted tulip bulbs and they’re almost ready to pop!
This video will walk you through the seed starting process. Join us as we prepare to plant some seeds.
What’s growing in your garden?

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  1. It's the variety that makes this brilliant and a lot of our friends wanted to grow something but wouldn't have on their own. It just took a little coaxing and they really jumped on it. Can't wait to report how it all turns out.

    NEW! UPDATED! Just added the link to the 'how-to' video. Mrs. SF Daddy explains how to do it all. Red2 took camera 2. This is our first draft. Red2 will re-work it as she learns the in's and out-points of editing later this month.

  2. That seed swap co-op is a great idea. If only my present yard wasn't shaded by trees all summer and if I could get over my disappointment to have a winter garden.

  3. We've been discussing doing a vegetable garden swap with a group of friends – each growing different items but the only thing in our garden right now is weeds 🙂

    The InfoScouter

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