Geoengineering or the Genesis Wave?

Real research is going on to determine if we should really start shading our Earth to cool it down. We are living in Science Fiction Horror Shows. It’s crazy-hot. Your damns are bursting. Lakes are disappearing. Sink holes are swallowing your car, your horse, your house.  {You made up the one about the horse, right?} {Yes, but…}

The alligators are working together to plot against us.

The bears are so #melgibsonmad that they are tearing up your car for a pb&j sandwich.

A new modelling study shows that deploying a stratospheric sunshade to cool the planet would have hugely varying consequences for different regions. What’s more, although the sunshade could be tuned to adjust global average temperatures or rainfall, it couldn’t fix both at once.

Geoengineering fix won’t suit everyone – environment – 18 July 2010 – New Scientist

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