H Honey, honey… Buzz Kill

It’s not just all about the honey, but wait for it, honey, honey.

The bees have been hit hard in last few years. This CBS News story covers it well. The ‘skeptical’ interview is amusing, but judge for yourself, that’s not what this post is really about.

Building a Hive. Just add bees.

Since we shouldn’t have chickens or goats, we’re planning on raising bees. Red1 and Mrs. SF Daddy have spent months working with the main bee dude in Georgia learning how to be proper beekeepers. We got a sad email that instead of being able to pick up their bees this month they’ll need to find another source if they want to start this year.

The cute beekeeper suites and hives are all ready to go into production, but the health of our bee colony was compromised and now we’ll hive to wait a little longer. Ouch. Poor little fellers.

While we wait, remember the Archie’s?  Sure, but what’s with the weird dog with the crush on the girl in the kissing booth? And why do the guys look so angry just before they get kissed?

Sugar, honey, honey.

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7 Replies to “H Honey, honey… Buzz Kill”

  1. Pesticides are causing a rapid die-off seen in millions of honeybees throughout the world since 2006. It really tragic that humans find it so hard to get along with other species.

  2. Aw. Sorry about the bee delay.

    We aren't supposed to have chickens either, but we did have two for two years in our backyard, coop and all. I cleared it with the neighbors first and brought them a few eggs every now and again. I said we were having a home school science experiment and I figured if the authorities ever gave us a hard time, we would just get rid of them. We kept them until it got to be too much of a chore and the law felt like it was moving in on us.

    I hope you find another source for your bees or take a chance on chickens. Enjoy your posts. God bless, Maria from Delight Directed Living

  3. I like the walk down memory lane too. Archie was my favorite comic book when I was a kid. Wish I would have saved them. Oh well. God bless, Maria

  4. I've heard various causes blamed for the bee deaths. Does anyone know what is really causing this? Will other insects help pollinate or is it bees or nothing for most plants?

  5. Stopping by from A to Z so I'm not sure exactly where you are, but are you concerned at all with the spread of Africanized honey bees? I'm in northern Florida and I had wanted to get a couple of hives for the back yard, but each year they seem to be getting closer and that, frankly, makes me extremely skittish. It's bad enough with all the fire ants, I would hate to add another potentially dangerous insect to the mix.

  6. The class with a master bee-keeper cleared up all of these questions. The more people keeping bees, the better for everyone. Obviously it's not for everyone. Not concerned about the Africanized bees, you get bees from a good source and they're inspected, which is why we have to wait this time.

    Roland, the CBS story goes into it a bit. I'm with Spacerguy. I can't believe that the pesticides and franken-seeds are innocent.

  7. I hope you find some other place to get the bees!

    I wanted to learn about bee-keeping this spring so we could have hives in our garden. I didn't really feel like doing it on my own with a book, since I decided I would be more comfortable knowing other bee-keepers to back me if I was uncertain about how to do something.
    Unfortunately, my attempts at getting involved with a local organization and taking classes this spring amounted to nothing… I guess I'll figure some way eventually.

    In any case, I think it's really awesome that you'll be be raising bees soon!

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