Julia Wolcott Kiene

Bette and her mother, Julia Kiene, 1939.

J is for Julia.

Julia, my daughter is named after Julia Wolcott Kiene. Doing a quick search spawns a respectable amount of information about this woman which is pretty amazing to me. I never expected to be connected to such cool people, but you just start talking about your family with your elders (which I have started to become one, but this is “J” for Julia, not “O” for old or “G” for geezer).

Who was Julia Wolcott? She is best known for her work for Westinghouse in the 1940’s and 1950’s.

She wrote several cookbooks for Betty Furness and many Victory Garden booklets for families during WWII.

She has a patent or two and a scholarship fund in her name.

She was photographed and written about in Life Magazine.

She was a force to recon with and made huge contributions to society.

Just wait until we start talking about her mother.

Do you have amazing people in your family who have surprised you with amazing accomplishments?

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  1. Right. No pressure from me, but I think she's one of those Highly Creative People, so it's in her blood.

    I live with three of them and I'm thinking of starting or looking for a support group for people who live with Highly Creative People. 😉

  2. Ha! My husband should join your support group! The only surprises I've gotten so far are finding lost family members and a murder. We pretty well kept the amazing parts alive.

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