K-3PO, Where 4 art thou?

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Back into some science fiction. K-3PO is a droid character from Star Wars who appeared in The Empire Strikes Back. He’s the white droid on Hoth who looks just like C-3PO.

Red1 and Red2 and I had the chance to watch A New Hope last week and they immediately noticed the 3PO droid walking behind C-3PO at the beginning of the film. They only barely get it that the droids aren’t one of a kind individuals, but one of many. When the Jawas had their yard sale for Luke and Uncle Owen, they kind of got it. The red R2-D2, which is actually R5-D4, blows his top and Luke gets the blue one instead. The Clone Wars are full of other R2 units.

C-3PO complains that K-3PO is a dullard because he has no personality, but K got that way by never having his memory wiped. Reading the Wookipedia entries is really enlightening and confusing. I thought C-3PO had a personality BECAUSE he had so few wipes. I would assume a droid would have less personality if it had more wipes.

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C-3PO: “Thank The Maker”

Remember, C-3PO did have at least one wipe after Revenge of the Sith. I suppose more easing is needed to get a full picture of K’s characterization.

Me? I’d buy an R2 unit in a heartbeat if it could do chores like the Roomba.

What sci-fi droid would you want in your house?

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