Kefir Me, You Fool. Another round for the grown ups, this time.

While we’re talking about beverages, shakes, healthy food, blah, blah, there’s one more. {Just one?} Water kefir.

 “I’m so excited about yeasty bacteria!”

I can’t possibly do this better than Crunchy Betty did with her post, but I do have a cool video that shows the grains dancing around in the jar.

What do we do with the water kefir grains? We make the juice kefir with 100% juice. After the first day, you get a soda. {That’s fun, but what if you keep those yeasty things in the juice longer?} 
After 2 days, you get something {hic!} a little more fun. {hic!} Friends insist we bring the juice kefir to the weekly potlucks. There was almost a riot of concern and wild speculation about what had happened to me the night I missed. {Were they concerned about my absence or just sore about not getting the juicy juice?} 
It’s becomes an adult beverage, if you needed me to spell it out a bit more. Pour the juice through a sieve to collect the grains to use on the next batch. You’ll be able to share with your friends and they’ll be able to be able to make some for themselves. 
Did you have any idea these things existed? I didn’t a few months ago.
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  1. Interesting, so is it a kind of yeast or a whole different family of fungus?

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