Meatloaf Cupcakes

Pinterest is a two-faced site. On one hand it has thousands of millions of cute pictures of cats and funny things from movies.  but, then there are the projects, fine pieces of knitted lace, or a beautiful flower made of melted spoons.  After you get through the top layer of pretty pictures and try to go to the websites that these pictures supposedly come from.  You generally find that there are no instructions at all for whatever it is, which is just horrible and cruel.   But, if you find that perfect pin which looks amazing, and has instructions, you can try to make it.  Every time I have thought I had found just the right pin I would click-through to the website and alas and alack no instructions. Bahhh! I don’t need instructions I can do what I want to in the kitchen.

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Julia style Meatloaf Cupcake(s)
credit: Pinterest  I later found this recipe ūüôā

I had made both mashed potatoes and meatloaf before so I was ahead in that respect.   I had whipped out a batch of Meat Loaf  from Cooking for Boys and Girls no problemo.  Next up the mashed potatoes I can do that no sweat, a stick of butter, a bit of chicken broth.  Alright put the meatloaf in a cupcake pan, and done.  Every things perfect potatoes and meatloaf just how I normally make  except the meatloaf is in a cupcake .  I did run into some problems, I had forgotten to skin the taters’  and thought for the moment, when I was filling the tins that meatloaf would rise (mind?) so filled them much lower than they should be.  But for no recipe, I felt I was doing good.  I did manage to pipe the mashed potatoes onto the   and they looked all right.  Gosh, if Mrs.Keine  saw her recipe for meatloaf  in a cupcake form like this what would she say. I’d like to think she would say well if that’s what you want to eat–with a Worried look at my culinary creation–, and not give me a huge scolding for using a baking tin for meat.

The best thing about meatloaf. ¬†There never has to be that ,”Meatloaf Again” moment, because it is such a flexible meal. ¬†Meatloaf can always change and shift. ¬†Most of its ingredients are interchangeable with other things, bread for Cereal, ground beef or venison sausage, add fresh herbs or dried. ¬†No matter what you do it will be good. ¬† As long as you have a great base recipe. ¬†I love Julia’s of course. ¬†But feel free to pick and choose. ¬†Do not forget, most meatloaf ¬†recipes make great bases for meatballs as well! ¬†Over all the cupcakes were really good, I am almost glad the potluck I made them for was canceled. ¬†When I make them again, I’ll have to skin the potatoes prior to mashing. ¬†Also, I will probably try using my frosting star tip like ¬†did. ¬†Here is Julia’s Meatloaf recipe, Have fun.

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