Not just another Nerd post #atozchallenge

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Everyone’s got their ‘nerd’ on. Love it.

The A to Z Challenge has me looking at my post labels for inspiration. Every day for a month we post based on the day’s letter of the English alphabet. Today was the letter N and my only tag was “nerd” it had a few posts tucked away in that label that were pretty inspiring.

I’ve had a huge problem with the n-word all my life. It all started in the middle school cafeteria and really stopped there, but in my mind it never stopped. That’s a whole other story too that we don’t need to go to, but if you want one, there’s always the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. My daughter loves them and the first movie was tolerable for what it was.

The real nerd part of the message today is that despite all the crap they (we) go through, nerds are your best hope at surviving a war, seeing a 3D movie, using a computer at all, enjoying a live broadcast of your favorite sport and having food on your table.

So just shut up and stop calling me (uh, them) names!

{Thanks. I just had to get that out.}

Here’s what some awesome PEOPLE are up to these days…

I love these TED Talks, by the way. They show up, invited into in my Tivo every day.

Most of my heroes (see the TED) are real life nerds.

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