Wet Mushy Mangos

Mango Shake
Mangos. Something so mushy, sweet, and wonderful it makes you think of summer, right? I think of Spring, that wet, mushy, yet, sweet and beautiful time of year. In honor of Spring I dug up my old Olympus camera and cleaned it out finding some great photos of my mom and me making Mango chutney. we did some simple things  with the chutney–like putting it on a porkchop,  and some smoothy recipes.This post is all about the smoothie/smoothy.
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Fancy neon gluten-free raspberry cupcakes

I recently made cupcakes with Arabella, my little sister, using a yellow gluten-free cake mix from Betty Crocker. We added a pack of raspberry Jell-O which turned the cake batter a bright pink and made it taste really good. Don’t worry, Arabella was not IN the cupcakes. She just helped me make them.

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