Quilty by Association

Sew, you have a fiber arts minor, did you think you’ll escape your love affair with textiles?

Mrs SFDaddy is a rock star in the quilting and fabrics game. This is a link to one of her sample quilts  that uses the fabrics from wonderful designs of Eric Carle who does the Very Hungry Caterpillar series. The girls are quickly becoming “Rockettes” in their own rights. Red1 is altering tshirts into skirts and tank tops, looking cute. Red2 can weave up a friendship bracelet like its a military exercise.

I am a little quilty by association. What am I doing? I helped with two quilts and have a third one in the UFO pile. In quilt-speak that’s an UN-FINISED-OBJECT. The first was a quilt for Red1. we took our old shirts and cut them up into squares, layered them together, sewed then up, snipped the edges and we had a great scrappy quilt.

The second project was a quilted pillow, not pictured here. Red1 picked the fabrics and we figured out how to make a giant pillow.

The UFO is my pirate quilt. We all used to play an online pirate game and I had a character I grew pretty fond of. This is the sketch and fabrics selected to pull it off. The fabrics run from tropical to treasure. We’re looking for the original sketch of the quilt. The drawing here is on Red1 drew up.

You don’t have to be sewing to have a UFO. But you also don’t have to be haunted by them. I’m granting you all amnesty from being chased down by your UFO’s. Just try not to be abducted by them.

What’s your UFO?

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  1. I have made a few small quilts but I am not fond of hand-sewing so after I made the tops I either machine quilted them or handed them off to my mother-in-law to quilt for me 🙂

    My UFOs are my many scrapbook projects!!

  2. The shirt quilt was a quilted in layers as we made the squares, but Mrs. SFDaddy always sends the quilt off to a pal to do the actual quilting part. Then she does the binding by hand… if she finishes it. 🙂

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