What if we were just puppets inside a lemur’s dream?

Blind river dolphins, reclusive lemurs, a parrot as fearless as it is lovelorn … Douglas Adams’ close encounters with these rare and unusual animals reveal that evolution, ever ingenious, can be fickle too — in a University of California talk that sparkles with his trademark satiric wit.

Mr. Adams caught me off guard with his first comments about the lemur. Mr. Lemur is an old friend of mine and one the old pals will remember from a video we did about 20 years ago. Not to worry, it’s safely stored on some ancient videotape somewhere in a box. Soon to be a pile of brittle bits of plastic.

Science Fiction fans a great debate

Oh, my. A discussion about an author’s anger towards fans and fandom spurs an awesome conversation about sports and science fiction fans, er, jocks and nerds. In honor of Memorial Day, eh?

…a letter written by famous sci-fi writer Robert Heinlein in 1945. A fan of his wrote him to request an article for a fan publication, and Heinlein responded by completely slamming sci-fi fans.

On PAGE 2 of the thread:

Originally Posted by Human
Somehow, I don’t think WW2 would have ended if the nerd population had gone to war.

Meatrocket Jones: Well, they did go to war, they were the radio guys who always got shot first

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