Harry and Hermione

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I’ve been talking about Harry Potter for a good bit and of course, with good reason. As a parent and a lover of fantasy, HP is home run.

Our girls have been “reading” the books for years via the audiobooks. They can’t get enough of them. Now they’re working on the Sisters Grim series with the same veracity.

We decided to make Red1 (4th grade with a 14th grade reading level) wait to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows until it was on DVD. We screened it first and even we wished we had a pause button at some points.

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It made me cry before the titles came on. Seeing Hermione erase herself from her parents’ home and life was pretty disturbing for this dad.

We’ll wait for the DVD for the family viewing, but it was very tempting when Harry showed up at our favorite dollar theater.

Speaking of Harry, we also were able to finally make our pilgrimage to the Muggle Hogwarts this spring. That’s a post all to itself and maybe we’ll save it for another letter in the A to Z Blog Challenge

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Fantasy and Scifi Award

“Oh, wow. An award.”
Mrs. SF Daddy said, “I’ve never gotten any awards.”
I want to thank Alex J. Cavanaugh for spreading this little bit of viral fun onto my blog. I’m a third generation recipient so tracing back the history of this award was quick and fun. I have quite a few new blogs to investigate! Good networking, ladies and gentlemen!

Award Creator: Flutey Words

This Award should be given to any blogs that promote the genres of Fantasy and Science Fiction, whether it be through author interviews, reviews, your own writing, etc. The rules are: you must state 5 of your favorite fantasy/sci fi books and or movies that inspired you.

5 books (or series) that have inspired me and/or the girls (Red1 and Red2)

  1. Star Wars Expanded Universe – I’ve read almost all of the expanded universe. I’m no wookiepedia, but I’m up a bit on Vader’s grandkids.  Kevin J. Anderson and Michael Stackpole seem to be the authors that really stand out. Stackpole is quite busy with other series including the Secret Atlas that I’m starting to enjoy as well.
  2. Voyager series. We started picking up the Star Trek novels from the trift store for 50 cents. Janeway’s first book was incredible. I wrote about it earlier.
  3. Harry Potter series – We don’t have a lot new to say about these books that hasn’t been exhausted elsewhere. Red1 is up to actually reading the 4th book. She’s been listening to the audio books for a long time and had us believing that she was also reading the paper versions. (The tests at school can’t tell the difference, but I explained how it really really DOES matter.)
  4. The Last Dragon – by Silvana De Mar – Red1 has read this one over and over. It’s an all time favorite.
  5. The Fablehaven Series – by Brandon Mull. Red1 was thrilled to be holding the latest installment in hardcover! You could hear the shriek of delight from the next block over.

Fantasy and Sci Fi Blogs:

I’m not following a lot of Science Fiction blogs right now, so went on a hunt. I found StarTrekSpace right away and was instantly impressed enough to share it with you.