D23 Expo: Imagineering the Future of Disney Parks Part 2 of 6

Part 2 as promised. This is the ONE that makes the most impact at our house. Will Red2 be able to contain herself? The Princess expansion may actually get us out to California after all eventually. We have mixed feelings about the whole theme park experience, but we’re warming up to idea of just ‘letting go’. It’s a small part of all the awesome things we’re doing and probably the most normal thing our kids get to do.

Magic Sand… only Disney?

R1 and R2 love magic, Disney and dirt. Not necessarily in that order. This clip from Tkfore21at YouTube is the first of a series of clips that we’ll be sharing that we found that just blew us away one day searching for sneak peaks into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Now that the park is open and those clips are easier to find, we’ll get on with our sharing of these gems. More on Mr. Potter later. We promise.

Drawing on the sand and playing along with the storyteller looks really fun. What a great presentation trick.