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Now how could I pass up a day about F without mentioning my wife’s fabric. She sell sewing stuff by the seashore, or at least I feel a little tongue-tied when I talk about it. Her shop is SomeArtFabric.com and I’ve been the background guy for a few years now. I’ve created a back-end for her entire website using FileMaker, another F, but it’s also truly worth mentioning.

When we travel to events like International Quilt Festival/Cincinnati this week, we meet all sorts of people who just rave over her fabric.

It’s great quilt shop quality stuff. 100% cotton, but apparently so many little quilt shops are closing in the US, the quilting public is hungry to see some wild fabrics. Mrs. SF is great with color and she buys for the shop the fabrics that speak to her, so it’s really worked for her.

B is for Boxers in More Ways than One

“B” is for boxers. You know like the dog.

The first dog I ever lived with was a boxer.

She had no tail so she wagged her whole body. She was a licky dog. She was always licking her muzzle nervously, more so when she was excited to see you.

Sewing fisherman´s wifeImage via Wikipedia

“B” is also for boxers. You know the shorts, you may wear under your grown up pants.

I know a few ladies who like to sew and they’ve taken to sewing me and my brother-in-laws boxers every year for the holidays.

So far, I’ve collected boxers with bowling pins, coffee beans and mugs, and stars.

Here’s the pattern my lovely mother-in-law uses:
First Choice Boxers

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Seeing The Phantom Menace for the first time.

Padmé Amidala's first appearance in Star Wars ...Image via Wikipedia
I pray you’ll bring sanity back to the Senate.

J is six and today we watched Star Wars Episode I. Here are J’s comments.

Never tell a Jedi, “You’re under arrest.”

Who was that white lady? (Watching the pod race.)

What kind of fabric are their clothes made of? (Anakin and his mother’s on Tatooine.) Information about the costumes. And another article.

I’d bet the fabric would be something synthetic since it’s a desert planet, but here you could go for a linen or bamboo fabric.

Yoda: ” I sense much fear in you.” to Anakin.
J: “Yoda’s a good senser.”

Queen Amidala: “I pray you’ll bring sanity back to the Senate.”
J: “She prays? She believes in God.”

Yoda: “May the Force be with you.”
J: “And also with you. (giggle) Church.” (That’s Daddy’s joke, now she knows the reference first hand.)

Queen Amidala: “Jar Jar, I need your help.”
J: “Oh! Gungans have fine armies!!!” (J puts it all together and remembers what Jar Jar said earlier in the film.)

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