Why Not? Google+ Comments…

Notice that all the Kool-Aid is gone!    Google 貼牌冰箱(Google Refrigerator)
Google 貼牌冰箱(Google Refrigerator) (Photo credit: Aray Chen)

April 23, 2013: In the past week, Google+ has blazed its way into the Blogger comment world. Initially I was really happy to see it. Your comments here appear on your G+ stream, giving them an audience to your followers. The promise there is an easier way to spread your work across the social space.

Update May 2019: Wow, what a difference six years makes to older content. Zap! No more Google+ and commenting is so controversial these days. I struggle with this. Is commenting even a thing anymore? Sure it is.

Why Not?!

Notice that all the Google Kool-Aid in the fridge is gone.

I started seeing discussions and interactions on my G+ stream instead of just the one-liners and direct links to everyone’s posts. Leading into the posts from the comments gives me an even more targeted or curated selection of links to explore.

I said I was “initially”happy, because my jury is still out. I’m still looking at it. When you have an occasional party that people aren’t showing up for anyway, you have lots of time for experimentations like this. The real tests will be by those who have a huge audience to lose if it the commenters don’t follow you into the Google space. (But who doesn’t have a Google account these days? Who doesn’t have a couple by now for work, personal, research, etc.)

Do you use Google+?

Did you notice the change on peoples’ blogs?

Did you notice that you could change your whole commenting scheme at all? Care?

Did you switch it on just to see what would happen?

(If you usually have 50+ comments on your blog, did you see more or less after switching?)

Did you go back?

If you have a link a poll. I’d love to see it.

Google Voice – a love story

I can also go on and on about how much I love Google Voice, but here’s what I really want to share. I’m writing some text today about myself with pen and paper. As I got up to sit down at a computer to type it up, I remembered my pal Google Voice. I called myself up and left myself a voice mail–dictating to myself the text. Below is the transcription of my first draft. More on what I”m really talking about later…


Bryan Reddish
11/13/09 11:22 AM 18 minutes ago

This is Bryan using google forks. Anne’s Anne stick to fill and read something real quick. Help me. Brian so I helped you in anyway suggested a movie a good website walk you through setting up your Email home network. Explain how from a composting works and what to do with them. Group have. I hope you proof read critique to painting steered you on share the recipe connect you with an old friend about your record. If you were right. 8. Your bed cooking. Have you asked me for help. Recently, 8 years ago. Ever. And I’ve been there for you in a small way or large hello. I help too, was I helpful was I helpful. Did I solve your problem or lead you to a solution. Did I follow up next step. So marked was a social networking, so Mark was a social networking site before we knew what that was connecting in power and displaying artist global week. We hope to bring them to new opportunities help something bigger than the local part shop some work started in 1996. Showcasing several Atlanta area. Artist, The providing technical comfort food to these amazing artist, we help them focus on there are and not worry so much about the techie stuff. We’ve all of up in the past 10 years. So Melissa become parents and gallery owners rock stars and world class honest to goodness it’s a liberty some articles are not changing but involving growing up. Today’s Technologies cleaner, Chris power faster. And because there are so many choices in opportunities scarier to website novices artists crafters parents people help me, Brian. Some are dot com.

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