Juicy Juicy People

Several posts back (not long ago) I posted about juicing a bit. The family got intrigued by a series of documentaries on food and health. We started juicing fruits and vegetables and and WAY regular.

Today’s juice was made with red swiss chard, carrot, red apple, 1/4 avocado several almonds, some honey, and a few frozen raspberries. You add some spring water (or filtered) then put the lid on and start mixing it up.

This one was a little sweet and really thick. The glass straw, which is pretty heavy, stood up by itself for the photo. Mrs. SFDaddy can’t drink this stuff because it’s too ‘pulpy’ but the Nutri-bullet is so much easier to clean up than the other super juicer. I’m juiced and cleaned up in just a couple of minutes. The best fast-food you can get.

Do you make smoothies? Are you getting all your veggies in?

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