Fat, Sick, Juicy, and Almost Dead

Drink This.

Rescuing this post with way too many links, from the drafts folder, but after a year sitting there, the topics are coming up again. This one’s for Papa Ho Ho.

The Juice:

The Juicy People at work and my extended family were interested in the movies we’ve been devouring about food, so it was time to dust off this post and prep it for release. Welcome back, SFDada.

We’re on our 3rd device for juicing and think we’ve found a great gadget. A little mortified by the infomercial, with David Wolfe, but the Nutribullet is just so fast and easy, it really allows for no more excuses to juice up.

David Wolfe is in a few of the movies I’m listing below, so even though the infomercial was a bit repellant I at least knew who he was and knew he has a lot of interesting things to say about nutrition and the health of your skin.

I ordered ours at Amazon, but my mom picked one up at Macy’s with a big %-off coupon and got the best deal for about $70. I don’t know this guy, but he does a great job talking about the thing in 8 minutes.

The old post on the movies:

A few years ago, Red1 wanted to go vegan. Over the years we’ve been watching a lot of documentaries on Netflix on the subject of food and health. A good friend at work also writes a vegan blog, “Healthy Living on a plant based diet”, so we seem to have really good support now. I think we’re now in the market for a good juicer.

Red1 has enjoyed them all. She became quite over the top after watching Food, Inc. So much so, her friend’s mother asked us to try to get her to stop lecturing their family about the cows who stand in their own poop and the sad little chickens and turkeys the fast food farms in America.

Today we spent a good amount of time at the supermarket buying some good fruit and vegetables to restock the kitchen properly. Last night, after watching a double feature of Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead and Forks over Knives, I went through the kitchen and cleared out some of the worst junk on the counters and cupboards.

A good list of films to add to your Netflix queue:
Food, Inc.
Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead
Forks Over Knives
Hungry for Change

The Beautiful Truth… which is the one about the Gerson Therapy, if you haven’t really heard about it, it’s worth looking into. It’s pretty much the cure for everything. The film will lead you to more related films available at Netflix.

Here’s a copy of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead that’s currently streaming at Hulu with no account needed. (and still is.)

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Science Fiction Curriculum

Cover of the Glinda of OzImage via Wikipedia
on our big big list

Getting back to the originally promised topic. The girls. Due to some county school board issues, mostly zoning, we’re going to start up the home school wagon this fall.

Having crazy-awesome kids is a blessing that I’m proud to share about. I’m looking forward to being a huge part of their education. I know it’s something most parents don’t get to do.

I do promise not drone on about all the details unless they pertain to my Science Fiction Daddy topics. And because I’m me; some of it will.

Red1 and I have already started planning out her reading lists for the year. We are making a plan to include a unit on all the Wizard of Oz books, play, films, etc. and another unit on Science Fiction. We’re going to look for some award winning sci-fi standards but are open to suggestions. Remember we’re in the fifth grade but at a very high reading level. Her favorites right now are the Rick Riordan novels about that Percy guy.

A couple of articles that we wanted to keep track of here:

Red2 who is going into second grade, is excited about the Paul Bunyan phenomena. I say phenomena, because after doing some research his story is pretty amazing. He’s got it all. Humor and stories mostly, but look at all the geography packed in there. This is going to be fun.
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R – A Pirate’s Favorite Letter #atozchallenge

A stereotypical caricature of a pirate.Image via Wikipedia
What does a pirate use for dental floss?
A rope for the few teeth he has left.

R, pronounced, AARH! It’s a pirate’s favorite letter.

What kind of socks does a pirate wear? AARHgile.

What’s a pirate’s favorite subject in school? AARH-T.

Okay, these AARH corny, but the kids, Red1 and Red2 loved them over and over.  Does anyone really need a link to more pirate jokes, really? (okay then.)

Our love of pirates and the pirate movies (or was it just Johnny Depp) spilled over into the Pirates of the Caribean Online. It’s a mostly free romp through the haunted pirate world inspired by the rides at Disney and recent films.

We like pirates because they don’t have manners or brush their teeth and they take what they want.  They love playing pirate, but they don’t really want to be pirates.

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