Gearing up for a whirrrl wind…

It’s begining to feel like spring out and even though the girls are outside enjoying the warm days! (last weekend it snowed!) it seems like we have a lot of projects to start.

This week we’re looking at making softies and to go with our Sci Fi theme, here’s a big neat looking robot.

Robot Softie

Don’t just chuck that Recyclababble Container

We’ve been trying to master composting. We have the leaf piles, a rotating barrel, AND a worm farm. The back yard isn’t messy because of these things, it’s still the kids’ toys and a real need for a good mow to blame for that.

We’re sending all the trash out to the recycling center, but it’s those #1’s that are getting refused. No.1: PETE (polyethylene terephthalate).

It’s off to Google for solutions…

Sci Fi for kids

In the quest for nerding them up, I’m doing well with J, but the littlest one “I don’t like Star Wars”.

I need to let go a little and leave the toys down on the lower shelf again. I just had gotten fed up with stepping on Yodas. The little ears hurt your feet, you know.