D23 Expo: Imagineering the Future of Disney Parks Part 6 of 6 (Star Tours 2 portion!!!!)

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SO! Part 6. This is the last of the series. Whew. But did they save the best for last? Well, I don’t know. It is Star Wars so at least they think they did. I have always been a little underwhelmed by Star Tours, but as one of the first cram you a little room that rocks you around ride, it wasn’t bad. And no matter how many times you rode, it was always Pee Wee Herman‘s droid’s first time out. Red1 loved it but Red2 was horrified at the thought of speeding into outerspace. We couldn’t even tempt her with the promise of going all the way to Endor to meet the Ewoks.

The Star Wars weekends video clips are also something riotous to look up at YouTube if you dare. They had a very successfull kareoke competition that must be experienced.

One more surprise awaits.

I lied when I said this series was over. The last post will explain how we got here in the first place and show the results of that journey. Not in search of a mouse, princess or even Spock. (Lame.) We were in search of Harry if you remember…

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D23 Expo: Imagineering the Future of Disney Parks Part 5 of 6

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Get ready for some more cool news. At the end of this post some lucky guest will win a fabulous prize! I’m so jealous!

And speaking of and flying cars we have a weird little moment from Future World at Epcot. Funny how topical we all are. Recently an actual flying car was spotted at Mr. Cavanough’s blog.

Back to California now. Disney’s California Adventure Park, to be exact. Looks like a new water and light show. The granddaughter to the water shows at Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida. Red2 loved the princesses on boats and big scary witchy heads floating around.

Cars Land. How fun. Based on the Test Track technology he says. Test Track is one of the newer attractions at Epcot that I’ve actually been able to experience. Red1 wanted to go so we almost closed the park waiting to get in. Mrs. SFDaddy and Red2 watched the fireworks instead.

Oh, now for that last surprise… look under your seat! What did you win? I won 2 blank index cards, an American Girl Magazine subscription renewal request postcard and a green stretchy ponytail band!

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D23 Expo: Imagineering the Future of Disney Parks Part 4 of 6

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There’s an exciting tomorrow waiting for you at Hong Kong Disneyland. A North American pioneering theme permeates one of the new kiddie lands here. You are going to get wet from the geysers, but it’s probably not going to be boiling hot water. A new twist on the Haunted Mansion. Bad Monkey! 

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