Tips – Getting Ready

Julia Kiene’s book is loaded with tips for new little chefs. We will probably never load up a tray with all of the ingredients and utensils we’ll need for each cooking session, but we may at least clear off a little counter space to collect it.

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Cooking Tips from Julia Kiene

Some grown-ups think cooking is hard work. It really isn’t. Here’s a tip or so some grown-ups sometimes never bothered to learn.

  1. First of all read the recipe word for word, then check and see whether you have all the necessary ingredients (the different things you need like flour, baking powder, flavoring, and so forth).
  2. Place all the various ingredients called for in the recipe on a tray, so they will be handy; also to help you make sure you have all the necessary things to do your cooking.
  3. Measure all ingredients carefully.
  4. Start out with an easy recipe. Perhaps you better talk this over with your mother and ask her advice about which would be the best tasting and easiest one for you to try.