Top twelve films… Not a dirty dozen

Alex J. Cavanaugh commanded: do The Movie Dirty Dozen Blogfest. Please be sure to click on his name to check out everyone else that’s participating.

In five minutes this is the list I come up with for my best dirty dozen films. Better than a “best of” list, more like a, “you may not realize what you’ve missed” list. Yes a science fiction tinge, but that’s what we’ve come to expect here. My list is a little ‘shallow’ into the depths of Science Fiction films, but still accessible for anyone who doesn’t want to go TOO deep.

We’ll explore these films and more in future posts. This blog exercise has been really thrilling. I’ve learned a lot about a bunch of strangers and confirmed quite a few things about films and share experiences.

These links are to Amazon, I’d rather give you links to Netflix. (I don’t like purchasing those flat round plastic things anymore, myself, but Amazon has this amazing tool for making these links easy, and they are an excellent tool to search out your movies.)

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Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back – We had one of those HUGE satellite dishes when I was kid and while flipping through the Canadian channels I stumbled upon a broadcast of TESB in French. I popped in a tape and caught the second half. We like to quote Lucas as saying these are silent movies, but they really aren’t. Pop in your DVD and listen to the French audio tracks… if you don’t speak French. LISTEN to the sound and emotion and how LITTLE dialog there really is in the city in the clouds.

This odd trailer begins to show you want I mean. It’s hosted from CineMagica.

“Should the girls see all of these just yet?”

No, but most would be fine…maybe not Twin Peaks. I’m not sure I was old enough to see it when it came out and I was in college. If you do go off to see Twin Peaks, you do have to watch the TV series FIRST. The movie is a prequel, but will have far less impact if you don’t know any of the characters. Fire Walk with Me was the first and only movie I ever had to see again immediately. At the end of the credits I walked out and bought a second ticket. The music of cannot be better. Haunting.

This week we heard tributes (?) to him in Did you hear him as we entered Bill’s basement to looking for the corpse…?

8 Replies to “Top twelve films… Not a dirty dozen”

  1. Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back was up there for me too. The famous quote I use on my kids all the time: No. Try not. Do… or do not. There is no try. LOL. They love it. =D

  2. Excellent list, I have watched Star Wars on Tv but not in the cinema,
    A pleasure to read your list.

  3. Do or donut, there is no rye.
    Enjoying everyone's lists.

    Welcome: I'm JUST old enough to have caught them all in the theater. Big difference. Even the re-releases a few years ago were fun… But I'm in the Solo-shot-first club.

    Desmond…we're a house of brown coats, I rekon.

  4. Fire walk with me was the ONLY film I've ever seen where I walked back out to the box office afterward and bought a ticket to see again Immediately.

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