Visions of the Future Presenting Themselves

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Architecture.  Urban sprawl.
We’ve all gotta go some where. Fortunately there are some true visionaries, like Vincent Callebaut, around  thinking about what to do with all of us people.

If we leave it up to us (and the Walton’s) we just might be in trouble or find ourselves camping out and off the grid because there won’t be one!  {Settle down… you’re scaring the kids.}

Popular Science‘s Gallery of the cities of the future is a fun romp with the kids. Still no flying cars, but we have the moving sidewalks.

The link that inspires this post:
Archive Gallery: Cities of the Future | Popular Science

Red2 (6 years) OOO! Flying cars! Moving sidewalks! They look like the Sims! Can we play Sims?

Love looking at the urban planning books in the book store. Epcot’s Future World was complete when it had Horizons. Loved flying through the ocean dwellings and the orange groves in the desert. Neat stuff. I spent lots of time Arcology doodling when I was a kid. Arcology still isn’t even in my word processor’s dictionary. But it’s a real thing. wouldn’t want you to think they are a just a doodle in a notebook.

Modern searching for these new visions reveals we’re still at it. And that’s a relief. My rain barrels, worm bins and rain gardens around my circa 1960’s ranch house will suffice for now, but hurry up with these plans, ladies and gentlemen. My retirement community needs to be out of your notebooks and on the drawing board soon. You have about 30 years. Go!

{Note to self: This post is quickly getting out of hand. It’s becoming its own theme link-park.  I’ll make it stop soon, but first…}

Part Two: What’s happening now?

It’s really cool to see some smart urban planning happening around me. In Atlanta, there are several instances of forward thinking, but is it enough?

Smyrna, GA’s city website is beautiful, they’ve recently redefined the entire city. Smyrna Market Place is pretty amazing, but they don’t have their site quite up, but you can ‘walk’ through town…

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What’s happening in your area that you’re proud of? 

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  1. Flying cars sound great, but with drivers of normal cars like in Atlanta, they really freak me out a bit. The day we moved into our house, a woman passed out while driving and drove down the neighbor's driveway, through a chain link fence which speared her windshield. She was fine, but the rail threaded her car like a sewing needle. It was a very Garp-like scene where I felt like our house was just pre-disastered. Now put that in a flying car. Yikes. Let's hear it for automatic pilot anyone?

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