Yodeling Storytellers in the Woods

Remember This. Tennessee 2013.

The music and stories the girls come home with are usually pretty colorful. Campfire songs I’ve never heard of, 2-day adventures in the woods gathering forest food for a stew, more plants discovered that contain strong enough fibers to fashion semi-permanent necklaces, and days of journal entries that need to be written out before they lose the details.

A few trips ago, they call came back from camping howling the songs of Doug Elliot. Sharing now.

Doug’s stories derive from his unique lifestyle as well as his deep interest in plants, animals and people. Since humanity’s beginnings our connections with the natural world have defined us and made us who we are. Elliott’s stories explore and celebrate the rich diversity of that special human connection to nature. His programs are textured by his use of traditional lore, regional dialects and accents, and enhanced by his soulful harmonica playing.

Storytelling and education go hand-in-hand. For millennia, storytelling has been an invaluable tool for passing information, values and wisdom from one generation to the next.