D23 Expo: Imagineering the Future of Disney Parks Part 3 of 6

Model of the New Disney ResortImage by JPhilipson via Flickr

I’m not all that into the cruises or the Disney Vacation Club, but the place they’re planning for Hawaii looks beautiful. We should visit when it’s done. šŸ™‚

I do have to thoroughly recommend doing Disney with their one-stop shopping deals. A few years ago we bought the plane ticket, hotel, park tickets and food all at once. The packet came in the mail with special tags for our luggage and they picked us up at the airport and whisked us away. We ate so well. The chefs in all of the restaurants received notices that we were coming and came out to speak to us about our various food allergies. Even the counter service locations had gluten and dairy free selections.

Disney is very good at keeping you in the park. For that trip, we succumbed to the mouse, and allowed ourselves to be totally immersed. It was ver-nice.

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  1. You save on rental cars, gas, parking, etc. It's a different kind of thinking on a trip like that, too. Staying in the park for just about everything was fun. It's definitely worth doing. Just read Universal Studios may also have a line-skipping feature available in their package.

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