Harry and Hermione

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I’ve been talking about Harry Potter for a good bit and of course, with good reason. As a parent and a lover of fantasy, HP is home run.

Our girls have been “reading” the books for years via the audiobooks. They can’t get enough of them. Now they’re working on the Sisters Grim series with the same veracity.

We decided to make Red1 (4th grade with a 14th grade reading level) wait to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows until it was on DVD. We screened it first and even we wished we had a pause button at some points.

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It made me cry before the titles came on. Seeing Hermione erase herself from her parents’ home and life was pretty disturbing for this dad.

We’ll wait for the DVD for the family viewing, but it was very tempting when Harry showed up at our favorite dollar theater.

Speaking of Harry, we also were able to finally make our pilgrimage to the Muggle Hogwarts this spring. That’s a post all to itself and maybe we’ll save it for another letter in the A to Z Blog Challenge

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