Ranch Burgers Round 1

Hamburgers! Not just any hamburgers, but broiled ones. How do you make your favorite burgers? Do you mix in anything? We used to add Lipton’s Onion Soup mix for a tasty change.

This recipe calls for a bit of chopped onion and salt and pepper. Pretty simple, but easy for the kids to do. It wasn’t Julia’s first time chopping onions, so she knew a few tricks already. We chose to light a candle to prevent the tears.

Julia recently read in, “How to Hold a Crocodile,” that you could fill up your sink with water and chop onions in there. Maybe we’ll try that some other time.

Next time, we won’t broil the bread with the burgers.

We learned a few things from this recipe. Mostly how to broil and that we really need to buy a broiling pan! We had some difficulty understanding exactly what to flip when it came time to flip because the recipe called for broiling the raw meat on top of the bread. We ended up with a soggy burnt mess at first, but we finally figured out how the broiler works and removed the bread from the process. We toasted some sandwich rounds in the regular toaster. If you put them in back to back, you can put 2 in each slot.

Next time we use this recipe, we’ll forgo cooking the burgers on the bun and we’ll have a broiling pan. In the interview you’ll hear that these may have tasted better than Five Guy’s because we made them ourselves and we used Udi’s gluten-free bread. Are we turning commercial already?


Broiling time, 6-8 minutes for each side.

4 hamburger buns – (or sandwich rounds, favorite toasted gluten-free bread)
1 pound ground beef
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon pepper
1 cup onion grated fine, or
1 teaspoon onion salt
1/4 cup milk – (rice or almond milk)

Here’s How You Do It

1. Split buns in half.
2. Place ground meat in a bowl. Add salt, pepper, grated onion or onion salt and milk.
3. Blend all ingredients with a table fork.
4. Spread each half of bun with meat mixture. Be sure to spread meat to the edge of the bun.
5. Arrange buns on broiler pan.
6. Place broiler pan at least 4 inches from broiler heat. Start broiler. Broil about 8 minutes for each side.

Serves 4.