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Getting back to the originally promised topic. The girls. Due to some county school board issues, mostly zoning, we’re going to start up the home school wagon this fall.

Having crazy-awesome kids is a blessing that I’m proud to share about. I’m looking forward to being a huge part of their education. I know it’s something most parents don’t get to do.

I do promise not drone on about all the details unless they pertain to my Science Fiction Daddy topics. And because I’m me; some of it will.

Red1 and I have already started planning out her reading lists for the year. We are making a plan to include a unit on all the Wizard of Oz books, play, films, etc. and another unit on Science Fiction. We’re going to look for some award winning sci-fi standards but are open to suggestions. Remember we’re in the fifth grade but at a very high reading level. Her favorites right now are the Rick Riordan novels about that Percy guy.

A couple of articles that we wanted to keep track of here:

Red2 who is going into second grade, is excited about the Paul Bunyan phenomena. I say phenomena, because after doing some research his story is pretty amazing. He’s got it all. Humor and stories mostly, but look at all the geography packed in there. This is going to be fun.

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  1. our kids are about the same age. My soon to be 5th grader loves the Warrior books and the Riordan stuff, She just started Percy Jackson but has read the stuff from his other series. Ender's Game is good at that age as well. My youngest is more into non fiction, oddly.

  2. I wouldn't recommend "Ender's Game" for children because of some of its themes. It's read in high schools, though. I may have seen a children book adaption of "Ender's Game," which should be fine. I do know there is a adapted version of H.G. Wells' "The Time Machine" book you can look into.

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