H Honey, honey… Buzz Kill

It’s not just all about the honey, but wait for it, honey, honey.

The bees have been hit hard in last few years. This CBS News story covers it well. The ‘skeptical’ interview is amusing, but judge for yourself, that’s not what this post is really about.

Building a Hive. Just add bees.

Since we shouldn’t have chickens or goats, we’re planning on raising bees. Red1 and Mrs. SF Daddy have spent months working with the main bee dude in Georgia learning how to be proper beekeepers. We got a sad email that instead of being able to pick up their bees this month they’ll need to find another source if they want to start this year.

The cute beekeeper suites and hives are all ready to go into production, but the health of our bee colony was compromised and now we’ll hive to wait a little longer. Ouch. Poor little fellers.

While we wait, remember the Archie’s?  Sure, but what’s with the weird dog with the crush on the girl in the kissing booth? And why do the guys look so angry just before they get kissed?

Sugar, honey, honey.

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C – Old Lady Cats, Lucy and Ethel

Pet This
Ethel in the outdoors.

…and they lived happily ever after, until Lucy had enough.

Feed This.
Lucy being very patient.

That’s what we’re calling them these days. Our old lady cats, Lucy and Ethel. Sisters born in the science  cabinet in a middle school Mrs. SF Daddy used to teach in back in the 90’s! Still spry kitties. Today is a shorty post because the internet needed more pictures of cats.

The kids don’t really get the joke about Lucy and Ethel, but our grown up pals do.

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Publicity photo of the I Love Lucy cast: Willi...
Publicity photo of the I Love Lucy cast: William Frawley (Fred Mertz), Desi Arnaz (Ricky Ricardo), Vivian Vance (Ethel Mertz), Lucille Ball (Lucy Ricardo). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

B is for Boxers in More Ways than One

“B” is for boxers. You know like the dog.

The first dog I ever lived with was a boxer.

She had no tail so she wagged her whole body. She was a licky dog. She was always licking her muzzle nervously, more so when she was excited to see you.

Sewing fisherman´s wifeImage via Wikipedia

“B” is also for boxers. You know the shorts, you may wear under your grown up pants.

I know a few ladies who like to sew and they’ve taken to sewing me and my brother-in-laws boxers every year for the holidays.

So far, I’ve collected boxers with bowling pins, coffee beans and mugs, and stars.

Here’s the pattern my lovely mother-in-law uses:
First Choice Boxers

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