Reptiles and Pets I Didn’t have as a Kid

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Have I mentioned that the ladies in the house travel a bit? That wouldn’t tend to be much of a problem, but when they are starting seeds, fermenting elaborate beverages, or bringing home pets to take care of, suddenly I become the caretaker of all of their ‘delights.’

The turtle is one that’s truly simple to care for. He’s got quite a little personality, so much more interesting to watch than the fish. He perks up as I approach the tank because he knows it’s time to eat.

He belongs to Red2, our nine-year-old. She’s taking great care of him.

I’m happy to say that this is the only reptile we have, but we have 2 fish tanks (one each for Red1 and Red2), 2 cats (you’ve met before, Lucy and Ethel), occasionally a bug in a container to inspect and eventually bees.

Growing up I only had gerbils and then hamsters. If we look at my situation today a little differently, this is my chance to have all the pets I wanted as a kid, but wasn’t allowed to have. The bonus is that the girls usually have to do all the work to keep the cages clean and fresh. {Score!} They also have figure out how to feed them and keep them happy. With one of the fish tanks, that meant having to evict a goldfish who just wouldn’t stop eating everyone else.

Kid’s, I think I just let out a treasured parental secret. Do you think your parents are letting you have a dog because they never had one? You might be right.

C – Old Lady Cats, Lucy and Ethel

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Ethel in the outdoors.

…and they lived happily ever after, until Lucy had enough.

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Lucy being very patient.

That’s what we’re calling them these days. Our old lady cats, Lucy and Ethel. Sisters born in the science  cabinet in a middle school Mrs. SF Daddy used to teach in back in the 90’s! Still spry kitties. Today is a shorty post because the internet needed more pictures of cats.

The kids don’t really get the joke about Lucy and Ethel, but our grown up pals do.

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