Wormy update

On Earth Day,  2010, I went to St. Anne’s Day School All Stars class and we went out for a nature walk. The intent was to collect objects from nature to build letter sculptures from found materials.

I suggested that we take out a few trash bags to pick up litter too. Even though the grounds are very well kept, my lovely teachers were skeptical about being able to find anything.

We won’t find very much trash…

We found more trash than we expected. Unpopped balloons, church bulletins, even a very nice metal reusable coffee mug that must have been accidentally knocked off of the ledge overlooking the bushes.

We brought it all inside and sorted out the items we wanted to keep for the art project, what was recycleable, compostable, and just landfill bound.

We had been talking about my worms and our composting habits, so my little one volunteered to bring home the items that were compostable. Just the great kind of stuff our worms would eat.

I shredded it all up and added my family’s kitchen scraps. Placed the new mixture in the worm bin.

“Yummy,” the worms will say. Then we’ll add some more Georgia clay and dirt to the mix and put into the garden.

Keep a box of spent batteries

Various batteries: two 9-volt, two "AAA&q...
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Battery Recycling! Now here’s a bit of info for you on what to do with these batteries that you know you shouldn’t be tossing into the trash.

Lookup a recycling center near you!

Earth911.org has given itself a really nice sprucing up and looks gorgeous.

Our batteries died in our cordless phone and I went out to buy new ones. Well I brought home the wrong kind. They’re expensive little suckers. Mrs. SF Daddy went out and just bought a new set of phones! (Not as great for the environment.) So now my errand of returning the wrong batteries is expanded to also collecting up the old phones and either recycling them, or finding a person who can REUSE them. Finding people is easy for us, but a great way to get rid of the ‘still usefull’ stuff you don’t need anymore is FreeCycle. People in your area will come to your house and take it from you. No money exchanges and it’s beautiful.

FreeCycle “Our mission is to build a worldwide gifting movement that reduces waste, saves precious resources & eases the burden on our landfills while enabling our members to benefit from the strength of a larger community.”

Don’t just chuck that Recyclababble Container

We’ve been trying to master composting. We have the leaf piles, a rotating barrel, AND a worm farm. The back yard isn’t messy because of these things, it’s still the kids’ toys and a real need for a good mow to blame for that.

We’re sending all the trash out to the recycling center, but it’s those #1’s that are getting refused. No.1: PETE (polyethylene terephthalate).

It’s off to Google for solutions…