Wet Mushy Mangos

Mango Shake

Mangos. Something so mushy, sweet, and wonderful it makes you think of summer, right? I think of Spring, that wet, mushy, yet, sweet and beautiful time of year. In honor of Spring I dug up my old Olympus camera and cleaned it out finding some great photos of my mom and me making Mango chutney. we did some simple things  with the chutney–like putting it on a porkchop,  and some smoothy recipes.This post is all about the smoothie/smoothy.

Fruit Decorations

smoothie (Photo credit: careyelaine)

A nice decoration is key, when serving smoothies and milkshakes. How lame would your shakes be if you didn’t decorate them. Look at the one to the left, it’s plain and boring. Just fine for a simple breakfast, but not something to show off–but I do like the neon straw. The title photo is a strawberry and Mango smoothie I made for breakfast. Nobody would be able to tell that there were strawberries in it unless, I told them. But the Strawberry bow on the top hints at their being strawberries in it, plus it looks grand. So, if you find a toothpick in a cabinet somewhere you can make a great decoration, spear some fruit and place it on the rim of your glass. There really is no wrong why to do it, but if you need to the grocery store will sell you little umbrellas and such to make it Fancier.
Most Simple Smoothie in the World

What Fruits go Well with Mangos?

In truth, most of the tropical fruits go well with Mango. But Strawberry, Kiwi and Bananas have always been my favorite. On the art of Mango smoothie making Minty, lemony, citrusy stuff also goes pretty well. Beware, sometimes certain fruits plus Mango = Disaster! It ‘ll turn your smoothy into a liquified mess. One good trick to help with that is to freeze your mango before you make your smoothie and not use ice, It’ll make your smoothie a little thicker. Also not adding as much milk or using ice-cream can do the trick.

What’s your favorite smoothy?